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It's more than a sport, more than a passion. Red dirt and bruises our trophies, our fashion. The wind-up, the pitch, the smack of the bat—no matter which team, we know where it’s at. Come gloves, come cleats, new balls with bright faces, come bats, come coaches, let’s run ‘round the bases. Rain or shine, we play our games, one of these days, you’ll all know our names.





guys for real though please check out my book it’s only $10.50 and it’s on createspace and amazon. it’s 138 pages and six stories and is a really fast read!! i worked on it all last year and i’ve really put so much time and effort and…

Hey how about you DO NOT buy this book because it contains my artwork on the cover, and ideas of mine which I have no longer given permission for the author to use. She is unfairly making a profit off my ideas and my work and I was never properly compensated for it, like I was promised. One of the short stories “Kudzu,” which takes up approximately one third of the whole book, is based upon and idea I had for a personal project and was guilted into allowing the author to base a story off of it, because I was promised to be compensated with a small portion of the profit (about 50 cents per copy), and because at the time we were best friends, I believed her. I am never making that mistake again.

I would very much encourage you to buy it, if and only if the author had bothered to removed he story based around my ideas, which she hasn’t. Please don’t support and author who doesn’t use their own ideas or respect an artist’s wishes that their art and ideas no longer be used because compensation was withheld.

Hello there. Since this has come up again, I feel the need to comment on it. Sorry about that, followers. The book in question, Something Waiting, is a collection of short stories, and yes, the cover-art was done by the blog above, the artist’s name is Sheldon. Here is the deal, as the book was written as our senior project in high school, we were encouraged to ask our classmates to do our covers (all of the seniors in Lit wrote and published books, many of the covers were done by our classmates in the visual art’s program) and the author asked Sheldon about it.

Express and explicit permission was given. The author was told by the above artist that she could use the art as her cover, and so the book was published and credit was given on the copyright page, as well as in various other places within the book. The agreement made never stated that monetary profit would be given to the artist, because we were high school students at the time and artists were told from the get-go that they wouldn’t gain money—it was something to add to their portfolio, and was seen more as an assignment for school, or a favor for a friend. Some artists may have been compensated, but that was at the discretion of the author, and for this particular case, it was said that it would not happen, and was agreed upon. But even so, this particular case does not fit those parameters, because the cover-art was not commissioned or created for the book—the art pieces were created for a school assignment and the author asked if she could use it. Again, express permission was given and an agreement was made prior to publication.

Now, the artist is saying that they no longer give permission for the art to be used. Okay. That can happen, but in this case, the book has already been published, and the author hasn’t ordered more copies to be printed. So retracting permission on a book, breaking an agreement after it has been published, leaves little to no room for action to be taken. The artist gave permission when the book was in production, as well as when it was being sold in the beginning. There’s not much the author can do now, since this all happened in 2013—and since new copies of said book AREN’T being printed anymore. It’s not as if the author can just magically take back all of the copies sold prior to permission being revoked, and in all honesty, an agreement was made, with both parties accepting it willingly, so going back on it now, and being spiteful about it, does nothing for anyone.

As far as “Kudzu” is concerned, I am aware of a multitude of conversations taking place about this story in particular, and never once was the author told to take the story out until after the fact. Also, readers are encouraged to note that the story was not solely that of the artist, but that it had been an idea from the artist, who then asked the author to write said story. Since the author had written the story, and it fit the theme of her collection, she asked if she could use it, and was not told no, so she then published it in the collection, while also giving credit to the artist for her part in the original. Again, this was discussed prior to its publishing. Repeating another fact, compensation was not discussed for the entirety of the book-sales. If anything was discussed, it was focusing on one sales-event, which was meant to showcase the artist to begin with. And no profit was made at this event, rendering that specific agreement moot.

So please, do not boycott an amazing collection of stories, which is currently only available online, where things cannot be changed anymore, because the artist is just now deciding that she doesn’t like. There were hundreds of occurrences throughout the writing and publication process where this could have been brought up, and it wasn’t until nothing could do about it. The author credited the artist for all of her contributions various times throughout the work, in places that are easy to find. Also, keep in mind that every single word written in that book, that collection of stories, was written by the author, not the artist, so the idea presented about the artist promoting work that is not her own is not accurate and is defamation.


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SO I’m going to take writing commissions! My prices are pretty cheap:

  • $1 for 500 words
  • $2 for 1000 words
  • $4 for 2000 words

Basically, it’s a dollar for every 500 words and you can separate your word values into anyway you want. For example, if you wanted 1000 words, you could get two 500s, or four 250s, etc. To give you an idea for space, 2000 words is approximately 6 double spaced pages, in 12pt font.

I’m willing to write pretty much anything, separated into two categories:

  • Original Work, with my own characters.
  • Fanfiction. For this, I’d prefer it to be fandoms I’m somewhat familiar with. These include, but are not limited to, Harry Potter, Shameless, Mortal Instruments,  Doctor Who, the Marvel Universe, Sherlock, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, Hannibal, Teen Wolf, Skyfall, Disney, a variety of cartoons, Merlin, Arrow, Common Law, and Suits. If there is another fandom you want, just ask and I’ll tell you if I can do it.

Within those, pretty much everything goes. I can do a variety of genres and subject matters. My only stipulation is that I have to know you to do NSFW stuff, which means, we have to have chatted a few times. Some of my more comfortable types of writing include: fantasy, science fiction, hurt and comfort, and slice of life stories, but I have written other stuff and am fine writing pretty much anything, like I’ve said.

If you’re interested, just shoot me a message!

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I’m having a Giveaway!

It includes:

  • Books & DVDs (If you want a list of all the ones available, message me—there are too many to out here and the ones in the picture aren’t even half of the ones up for grabs.)
  • A Copy of Airtight, the book I wrote.
  • One 500-2000 word story for any fandom of your choice, of any prompt of your choice.
  • A custom designed journal, as seen like the one above.
  • Stickers
  • Any Fandom-related shirt, journal, item, etc. from Amazon, Etsy, or online shop/tumblr, of the winner’s choice that is $25 dollars or less. This is a chance to get that Loki print or Stile Stilinksi shirt, or River Song’s journal, or Dean’s necklace that you’ve been eying for months. (All examples, etc)

Okay, so, I guess I need to lay down the law.

  1. You must be following me. Sorry, but this is to thank my followers for putting up with me and the stuff I reblog.
  2. Likes and Reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you want, but keep in mind that since the note-system changed, your reblog will only show up once.
  3. The winners will be picked randomly.
  4. There will be 3-5 winners, depending on the response this gets. Each winner will get to choose from the Books and DVDs, will get a copy of Airtight, and can choose from stickers or a custom journal. ONLY ONE-TWO WINNERS WILL GET TO PICK FROM AN ONLINE PLACE. THEY WILL BE THE TWO THAT WERE PICKED FIRST
  5. Giveaway ends July 20th, 2013 at 11:59 pm, PST.
  6. You will have 24 hours to respond, as a winner, once you’re notified.
  7. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Good luck!

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So I'm writing/publishing a novel and y'all should check it out.

Everything is connected to my main account, btw.

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